Mayor Waseem, Chinese delegation discuss electric buses for metropolis


KARACHI: A Chinese delegation led by Minister for Enterprise Management Xia Bin called on Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar in his office on Thursday to discuss the introduction of electric transport buses in Karachi.

Chinese Deputy Minister for Transport Pan Dao Hui, Sinopec Gateway Director Minzhi Ke, Vice Chairman Shahid Feroz and director, deputy director, and general managers of leading Chinese company Chong Qing Transportation Group Limited also represented the delegation. The metropolitan commissioner Dr Asghar Abbas, Works Committee Chairman Hassan Naqvi and other senior KMC officials helped Karachi Mayor during the discussion.

The mayor welcoming the Chinese minister and his team said that “we are thankful to the Chinese government for taking interest in developing the transport infrastructure in Karachi.” He added that electric buses would prove helpful for bringing a decrease in the environmental pollution and citizens of metropolis would have better transportation facilities in future.

He said, “We want to move ahead and start the practical work, for which the financial model and other details of this project have to be decided.”

The Chinese minister for enterprise said that the Chinese government wanted to help big cities of Pakistan in developing a modern and better public transport infrastructure for which the proposal of introduction of electric buses has been presented. He added that all such buses would have a fully computerised system and real-time monitoring.