Inspiring: Nation’s meninists cook three course meal in defiance of Aurat March


ISLAMABAD/LAHORE/KARACHI/QUETTA/PESHAWAR – In an inspirational defiance of the hateful ideology of feminism that self-manifested in the shape of Aurat March last week, nation’s meninists took to the kitchen to cook three course meals during the week.

The collective cooking movement that was the first of its kind, and saw the coming together of thousands of meninists across the country, sought to give a resounding reply to the banners at Aurat March, with one banner in particular captioned ‘khaana khud garam kar lo’.

“Here you go, not only did I warm up my own food in the microwave, I’ve cooked a three course Lahore meal. Take that feminism!” tweeted a middle-aged single man from Lahore, on Wednesday.

“Just look at this table full of some of the best stuff Italian cuisine has to offer,” posted another businessman from Islamabad, on his Instagram account, which has been blocked by his wife for the past seven months since she’s left him.

A leading meninist underscored the importance of the movement while talking exclusively to The Dependent.

“The images of the delicious food that we have absolutely no issue cooking food ourselves or even warming it,” said Ashtaq Farooqui a member of a local Islamist party.

“It’s simply a case of us considering women inferior to men, as has been established by nature and the divine words.”