FAFEN launches Pakistan’s most comprehensive election portal


ISLAMABAD: The Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability–Free and Fair Election Network (TDEA-FAFEN) launched Pakistan’s most comprehensive election information portal “Election Pakistan” in a ceremony here on Wednesday.

The purpose of developing such a unique and user-friendly election portal was to ensure availability of consolidated election-related information on a single forum.

To fill this huge information gap with accuracy and credibility, FAFEN digitised the voluminous election data, which was now available at the “ElectionPakistan.com”.

The portal had been designed to provide reliable and up-to-date election information for the users to draw self-analysis of the election data, cross-examine candidates’ data with the constituencies, statistical data, and other election-related reports and publications.

The portal had complete data of the National Assembly (NA) along with the provincial assemblies from 1970 to date, including all data related to by-elections. It also provides detailed insight into the history of political parties, their alliances and electoral boycotts. It also gives vital information on the critical and the safest seats of the political parties.

The election portal also provides a complete list of the contesting candidates since 1970. One could easily search the election records of more than 62,506 candidates on the website. Besides, the portal has the scalability to synchronise the candidates’ election records that reflect the election records of contesting candidates.

The portal also contains the records of more than 7,300 unique constituencies of NA and provincial assemblies. Each constituency’s record could be searched with complete information and a historical timeline.

The portal also shares analysis based on geographical clustering of constituencies, including changes in the vote-shift, top three political parties, registered voters and the turnout. This portal would also keep the records of all future elections in Pakistan.

Addressing the launching ceremony, TDEA-FAFEN’s Chief Executive Officer Shahid Fiaz stressed the need for using technology for bringing improvements in democracy. Meanwhile, FAFEN General Secretary Sarwar Bari highlighted the initiative taken by TDEA-FAFEN for bringing transparency in the democratic process.

It is important to mention here that the designing and finalisation of the portal was made possible with the tireless efforts of the TDEA-FAFEN team who worked tirelessly on the project for nearly two years.