PTI leader flays Shehbaz for comparing Nawaz with Jinnah 

  • Suggests ‘psychological tests’ for Sharif brothers 

  • ISF blocks Charing Cross to protest non-cooperation of police


LAHORE: Opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly Mian Mehmoodur Rashid on Tuesday flayed Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif for equating ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif with Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

“Nawaz Sharif has no equation with Jinnah. There is no comparison because no court on earth had ever disqualified Jinnah and declared him dishonest. Psychological tests of the Sharif brothers like the United States President Donald Trump should be conducted. Neither did he (Jinnah) ever go abroad for treatment despite being seriously ill, nor did he have any property in foreign countries. He also did not use the resources of the country to live a luxurious life,” Mehmood said in response to Shehbaz’s speech.

Speaking about the appointment of Shehbaz as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz president, he said, “The policies of the PML-N will not change with the change of its face. The persons attacking the national institutions cannot be sincere to the countrymen.”

Punjab CM Shehbaz earlier on Tuesday was elected as the PML-N president at a convention of the party’s General Council in Islamabad.

Addressing the council’s meeting soon after his election, Shahbaz had said that he believed Nawaz was the only Pakistani politician and leader that could be called Jinnah’s political heir.

“We are lucky to have been blessed with a Quaid [leader] like Nawaz Sharif. The world knows that our leader has been persecuted and discriminated against.  My heart tells me that he (Nawaz) will get justice,” the PML-N president had said.


Meanwhile, the Insaf Student Federation (ISF) held a protest demonstration at Charing Cross to protest the killing of ISF workers in Nankana Sahib and the non-cooperation of the police in bringing the accused to justice.

The protest rally was led by ISF President Gulraiz Khan, and the workers burnt old tyres while blocking Mall Road for any sort of traffic for a few hours. Later, they dispersed peacefully.


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