Govt official ‘coerced’ to get married after being kidnapped


KARACHI: A government official who was abducted three days ago was freed on Tuesday after being coerced to marry an unidentified girl while in captivity.

On March 10, an FIR was lodged at the Taimuria Police Station by the brother of the abducted man, Sabat Noor.

According to reports, Sabat Noor’s first wife had received a phone call from Noor during his captivity, and some photos of his “second marriage” in which he was “visibly shaken”.

The first wife told the police that her husband had told her a few days before his abduction that he had been involved in a car accident in which a woman had been injured.

According to the wife, the family of the injured person had started insisting that Noor gets married to the injured person.

The police after tracing the call that the wife had received, raided a house in New Nazimabad, but could not find the kidnapped man.

However, on March 11, Sabat Noor came back home on his own. According to the SHO, this was an orchestrated kidnapping as Noor just wanted to get married. According to Noor, his abductors released him after coming under pressure because of police raids in their locality.