Karachi police officials driving vehicles without licences: report


KARACHI: A large number of officials of the Karachi police do not possess licences to drive vehicles, a private news channel has reported.

Most of the officials, who were sitting in the driver’s seat of their vehicles, when questioned by the channel’s reporter, answered that they did not have their licenses with them at the time.

A number of officials also said that they had “left their driver’s licenses at home”, when they were asked by the reporter to show their licenses to him. One even said, “no one checks driver’s licenses”. On being pressed further by the reporter, he snapped, “I will show my driver’s license only to my bosses; why should I show it to you?”

The reporter concluded his report by requesting the Sindh IG to take action against all those police officials who are openly violating traffic rules while reprimanding common citizens for doing the same.

Sindh Traffic Police check the traffic law violators vigorously in all areas of the city and has some of the most stringent penalties for traffic rule violations. In 2017, it also launched its digital driving license system through which obtaining a driving license or renewing an old one has become much easier than it was, under the old system.