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Every tenure of PML-N govt tale of selfless public service: Shehbaz

  • CM felicitates Xi Jinping for becoming Chinese ‘President for Life’

  • Directs probe into death of elderly man at Faisalabad hospital

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday said that every tenure of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government was filled with selfless public service and the credit for pulling the country back from crises and putting it on the road to progress went to the PML-N.

Talking to Minister of State for Industries and Production Arshad Leghari who called on him, Shehbaz said the PML-N government achieved the historic goal of illuminating the country which was earlier drenched in the darkness of power shortage.

“A large number of people are benefiting from the mega projects completed by the PML-N government and they are also reaping the fruits of various reforms initiated in different sectors including health, education, agriculture and infrastructural development,” said the chief minister.

Overpowering the energy sector has led to industrial development and consequently the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the country, said Shehbaz while adding that every step was being taken for national development.

“The government has burnt the midnight oil to achieve the goal of a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan,” said Shehbaz and added that everyone would have to work hard with honesty and trust for national development.

“Every section of the society would have to play its role in this process,” he said.

Shehbaz said that vibrant nations were not afraid of difficulties rather they faced them with bravery and courage.

“All of us will have to shun our internal differences and take part in the journey of development so that we could compete with other nations of the world,” said the chief minister while adding it was satisfying that Pakistan of today was much better than that of 2013 and the journey of development had speedily been moved forward.

Chief Minister Shehbaz also said that the time of the nation wasted due to “sit-ins and lockdown of Imran Niazi” were compensated with hard work as the sit-in group had left no stone unturned to add to the problems of the people.

“The Zardari-Imran Niazi duo shows that they have no concern with the development of the people. The conscious people of Pakistan will bury this anti-development alliance with the power of their votes,” said Shehbaz.

“The PML-N will further accelerate the journey of development and prosperity by standing victorious in the upcoming elections,” he concluded.

Earlier, the Punjab chief minister congratulated Chinese President Xi Jinping on becoming lifelong president of the People’s Republic of China.

In a felicitation message, Shehbaz said Chinese development and prosperity had become a role model for other nations and added that the credit of this development was that of President Xi Jinping.

He said that China achieved pinnacles of glory under the leadership of Xi Jinping and due to his ideology, China had progressed by leaps and bounds. He also said that the ideology of the Chinese president depicted high moral values and a broad approach to collective wellbeing.

“Due to best economic policies and continued hard work, China has become a leading economy in the world,” said Shehbaz.

The chief minister said that the Chinese nation worked hard against poverty, unemployment and injustice, under the incumbent president’s dynamic leadership. “Due to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the Pakistan-China friendship and economic relations are now touching new heights, and Chinese investment worth billions of dollars in Pakistan is a self-explanatory proof of this strong friendship,” he said.

“It is heartening that China has emerged as a global economic power due to the untiring efforts of the Chinese leadership,” said the chief minister while adding that China was a sincere and trustworthy friend that sided with Pakistan in every hour of trial.

“In fact, the Pakistan-China friendship is immortal and is being further strengthened with the passage of time,” concluded Shehbaz.

Separately, CM Shehbaz taking notice of a senior citizen’s death in Civil Hospital Faisalabad, ordered to investigate the matter and sought a report from the health secretary.

Shehbaz said that a legal action should be initiated after fixing the responsibility, and added that no leniency or negligence would be tolerated in the process of providing healthcare facilities to the people.

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