Boots to decide elections


AABPARA – After one of them decided to fling itself into action right on the face of the former Prime Minister and former President of the ruling party on Sunday, the boots finalised their long developing plan to decide the general elections 2018, intelligence sources have informed The Dependent.

It has further been learnt that since sections of ink had decided to join the boots’ plan of action by throwing themselves on the current foreign minister’s face before the boot flung itself on the former premier, the long standing alliance between boots and certain inkpots has also been formalised.

Inks, usually considered as democrats, considering their role in depicting the candidate voter for in the general election, are now openly seen siding with the undemocratic boots.

In a damning editorial, The Boots’ Ink published in a local daily, a section of the inks was condemned.

“It is shameful and condemnable that the remaining inks did not support the patriotic and Islamic forces and chose to side with the corrupt,” maintained the editorial of the newspaper that uses similar ink in its paper to the one that is allied with the boots.

“It is very important to know your history,” said a retired boot, while talking to The Dependent. “We’re just partially creating, but mostly repeating history.”