Nintendo’s Mario to appear on Google Maps for a week as part of Mario Day


SINGAPORE: Fans of Super Mario are enjoying Nintendo’s friendly Italian plumber guiding them on Google Maps starting from Saturday.

For a week, Google Map users will have the option to replace the standard blue chevron that guides them on their journey with Mario on a go-kart instead.

This new feature was rolled out worldwide on Mar 10, a day dubbed as Mario Day because of the similarity between the date and Mario’s name when typed out.

To activate the character, both Android and iOS users have to be on the latest version of the Google Maps app and follow the usual steps to find directions to their destination.

The only difference is that a yellow box with a question mark will appear next to the Start button.

Pressing on the yellow box will activate “Mario Time” and the character will then follow the user on his go-kart throughout their journey.

Fans of Mario worldwide have been having fun with this feature as they took it to social media to document their journeys with the character with the hashtag #MarioMaps.

This is not the first collaboration between Google and Nintendo.

According to Business Insider, Google and the Pokemon Company, which is jointly owned by Nintendo, unleashed Pokemon characters on Google Maps in 2014. This later led to the launch of the wildly popular Pokemon Go game in 2016.