Garbage heaps, stagnant water in capital posing health risk


ISLAMABAD: Heaps of garbage and stagnant water in nullahs are posing health hazards for residents of the federal capital as the authorities concerned seem least bothered to carry out a cleanliness drive.

Residents of the Islamabad particularly in sectors I/8 and I/10, G/7, G/9 and G/10 are facing problems as they have to bear nasty smell emanating from the garbage heaps and stagnant water in the nullahs.

Amir Ali, a resident of the Sector I/10 said that the citizens were suffering from various respiratory diseases due to the garbage heaps.

Umar Nasir, a resident of Sector G-10, also expressed similar views saying life has become miserable due to the garbage scattered everywhere in the sector and standing water in nullahs. He demanded that Capital Development Authority (CDA) should take steps for proper removal of the garbage heaps and cleanliness of the nullahs to avoid environmental and health problems.

Talking to APP, Dr Faisal Iftikhar said people with respiratory issues were visiting his clinic frequently these days because of the unhealthy environment caused by dirty nullahs and garbage heaps.

“Nullahs and garbage are causing several other diseases including malaria, dengue, dysentery and cholera,” he said, adding that stagnant water poses a major threat during the summer months when it becomes a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes.

However, Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) Deputy Mayor Zeeshan Ali Naqvi said that steps were being taken to dispose of the garbage. He added that the sanitation staff was properly performing their duties and regularly collecting garbage from all areas of MCI.