Zainab murder case: Shahid Masood says will think before speaking in future


ISLAMABAD: TV Anchorperson Dr Shahid Masood on Saturday decided not to contest the inquiry committee report that rubbished his startling allegations against the convicted rapist and murderer of seven-year-old Zainab in Kasur, saying he will remain cautious while giving such statements in future.

In his statement issued on March 10, Masood stated that the court selected members of the inquiry committee itself, which is why he could not “comment on the veracity of its findings” regarding his allegations against Imran Ali being involved with an international child pornography ring.

“Whatever the inquiry committee has concluded, I do not contest and refute the same,” the anchorperson added. He further said he will “observe due diligence and care before making any such statements”.

Masood has also said in his reply that as a journalist and anchorperson he became emotional over the Kasur incident. He claimed of receiving information about Imran’s bank accounts and involvement of influential personalities in the case.

The anchorperson stated that he formed an opinion on the basis of the information that the convict Imran had links with the international mafia.

In his programme on the private news channel, Masood had claimed that convict Imran Ali maintained over 37 bank accounts, mostly foreign currency denominated, with transactions in dollars, euros and pounds sterling.

Masood had requested the chief justice, prime minister and army chief to take notice of these facts, claiming that the rapist cum murderer was not deranged or an insane person or a simpleton.

During the suo moto hearing of the Zainab case, Masood had handed over to the CJP two names written on a folded paper of ‘influential’ people who, he claimed, were behind an international racket running a child pornography ring.

Earlier on Wednesday, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar refused to accept a verbal apology from Shahid Masood and directed him to file a reply in the case within two days.


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