Will always be a part of PPP: Rabbani


–Agrees to take oath as PPP senator 

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and outgoing Senate chairman on Friday assured PPP Co-Chairman Bilawal Bhutto that he will support the party and will comply with whatever decision it will take.

Following a meeting with PPP chairman, Rabbani agreed to take oath as a PPP senator, saying he will remain a part of the PPP and carry on with his duties as a party leader.

According to media reports, Bilawal lauded Raza Rabbani for his services as the Senate chairman and assured him to address his concerns.

On Thursday, Asif Ali Zardari, the PPP co-chairman, alleged Rabbani of not impeding the “anti-democratic” actions of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif. He also accused that Rabbani did not address party’s concerns regarding the 18th Amendment and attempted to side with Nawaz Sharif during his tenure.

Last week, during the meeting with heads of various political parties, Nawaz Sharif had made critical comments about Zardari, but had supported the idea of reinstating PPP Senator Raza Rabbani as the Senate chairman. “I want to see a personality like Raza Rabbani as Senate chairman,” Sharif was quoted as saying.