Asma Rani murder case: Kohat police take extradited suspect into custody


The prime suspect, Mujahid Afridi, in Asma Rani murder case was taken into custody here on Saturday from the Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad, by a special team of the Kohat police, said a district police officer (DPO).

A team of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) was also present at the airport at the time of the detainment.

Earlier, Mujahid was arrested in Sharjah by the authorities concerned on the request of KP police, a statement by KP government said. The accused, who was already married and had a business in the UAE, managed to escape to Saudi Arabia on the day of the incident from the Islamabad airport using an Umrah visa.

“We were in constant contact with the UAE police as we had received hints that Mujahid Afridi who had escaped to Saudi Arabia using an Umrah visa had reached the UEA where he had a small business,” a police official said.

Afridi was extradited to Pakistan following his arrest by the Interpol in Sharjah on Thursday. He is said to be the son of a nephew of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) district leader in Kohat.

Allegedly, he targeted Asma Rani after she rejected his marriage proposal.

Asma was a medical student studying in Abbottabad. The tragic incident took place while she was visiting her home in Kohat. In her dying declaration, she had accused Afridi and his brother of attacking her.