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Aitzaz Ahsan questions CJP over non-appearance fine

ISLAMABAD: Aitzaz Ahsan questioned Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Saqib Nisar on Saturday over being fined for absence during the formula milk hearing case in the Supreme Court (SC)’s Lahore registry.

The CJP informed him that Aitzaz’s associate was fined while the related statement was not written in the order.

“I feel that you are in a state of tension,” said Aitzaz.

“No, I’m not. Who suggested this to you?” the judge retorted. “Your associate showed the influence of your chamber while standing in court. Whoever will do such a thing, then I will not differentiate between a junior and senior lawyer. Being a part of Aitzaz Ahsan’s chamber does not mean that you can do anything. I will give your fine from my pocket,” he added.

The court staff were then ordered to pay Rs 10,000 to the Fatimid Foundation and to hand over the receipt to Aitzaz Ahsan.
The court had previously fined Aitzaz Ahsan Rs 10,000 due to his request for time-extension, terming it unreasonable.

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