NAB Lahore hands over Rs10.8m to LDA director general


LAHORE: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Lahore Director General (DG) Shahzad Saleem on Friday gave away a cheque worth Rs10.8 million to the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) DG Zahid Akhtar Zaman at the NAB Office.

The amount was recovered from the culprits involved in the LDA related frauds.

According to the NAB spokesman, the bureau was probing various graft cases related to the LDA in which hefty amounts were embezzled. Some of the cases included the illegal commercialisation of properties with the alleged connivance of the LDA staff, while the arrest of some culprits was also made.

Other cases involved the preparing and selling of illegal files of different plots in private housing societies.

He told that the NAB Lahore since January 2018 had recovered Rs115 million from the culprits and handed over the amount to the affectees or deposited it in the kitty.