Musharraf to hold court in contempt of Musharraf

If the apex judiciary does not immediately cease and desist from following up on treason cases against him, he will hold them in contempt of Musharraf, said former army chief Musharraf on Friday.
Speaking to reporters at his Dubai residence, the former president said that the supreme court, which is otherwise doing a good job by removing prime minister Nawaz Sharif from his position, has not been operating within its “defined limits.”
He was speaking in the backdrop of the resumption of the treason case regarding his “second coup” of 2007, in which he imposed an emergency across the country.
“If things continue in this direction, I will have no option but to take the court to court,” he said.
When asked which court he will take recourse to, given that it was the highest appellate authority in the country, he replied: “Are you really going to make me say it? I could, you know.”
Legal experts, meanwhile,are observing the situation with great interest. “On the one hand, former military dictators aren’t punished by the judiciary,” said Babar Sattar. “On the other hand, former military dictators aren’t punished by the jud…no, there isn’t any nuance here. Were you expecting a nuanced take?


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