Aurat March Lahore issues list of demands


LAHORE: The ‘Aurat March Lahore’ organised by different women’s rights organisations and collectives on International Women’s Day 2018 on Friday issued a joint list of demands.

The demands ranged from various women’s issues to broader liberal ideals and called for a united move to see these demands through.

“The agenda of this march was to demand resources and dignity for women, for the transgender community, for religious minorities and for those on the economic margins but more importantly to recognise that women’s liberation is inherently linked with the liberation of all oppressed groups and minorities,” read a statement by the Aurat March.

The demands included an end to violence against women, labour rights, reproductive rights, environmental justice, anti-sexual assault laws, wage equality, fair political representation and opportunities, education equality, equality for the transgender community and an end to child marriage and honour killings.

“The aim of the Aurat March Lahore was to try and build a movement that centers class and gender oppression,” read the statement further.

“We would like to highlight the struggles against land grabs/eviction of tenant farmers, ensuring food security for the masses, urban planning that centers ordinary people rather than security narratives and ending enforced disappearances,” it added.

The group also spoke up about the liberation of an entire class of women such as bonded labourers, domestic workers, agriculture and factory workers and also sex workers.

Yesterday, the Aurat March had taken place from the Hamdard Centre, passing through Lytton road and on to the Charing Cross where it concluded in a peaceful demonstration of a few hundred in front of the Punjab Assembly.


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