Umar Akmal increasing strike rate, average at tail end of Qalandars’ dining table


DUBAI – Star batsmen Umar Akmal was seen gradually improving his strike rate and average at the tail end of the Lahore Qalandars’ dining table at lunch at a local Dubai hotel ahead of the team’s must-win clash against Islamabad United on Thursday.

Akmal who throughout the tournament thus far had only averaged 16 grapes at a strike rate of two grapes per minute, had by the final serving at lunchtime taken the average to 20 grapes increasing his strike rate to five grapes per minute.

It is pertinent to mention here that Umar Akmal is the leading scorer at the dining tables during PSL 3, among all six franchises, at the half way league stage.

Talking exclusively to The Dependent Akmal said that he felt his form is improving with every passing meal.

“I haven’t had such grand franchise sponsored meals for some time, so of course it took me some time to up my level to the point where I am right now,” he said.

“Hopefully, by playoff time both my average and strike rate would improve even more, since my team mates and I would have increased the number and frequency of our meals by then.”