Seven shows which highlight female relationships


International Women’s Day is being celebrated across the world and this year’s women’s day is special because women are finally getting the recognition and importance they so rightly deserve.

In recent years, television has given us a great variety of shows that portray female relationships in their many forms. Whether as funny roommates or unfortunate cellmates, brilliant TV has not been a rarity.

Here are seven shows to watch while you celebrate a day dedicated wholly to women

1. Orange Is The New Black

As well as giving us fearless, complicated and flawed characters like Piper, Poussey and Sophia, the show unlocked another truth: the fact that women want to see real and relatable groups of women supporting each other on screen.

Groups of women who, despite their differences, show that power and influence can be achieved by coming together and supporting each other.

2. The Handmaid’s Tale

Hulu’s brilliant show on Margaret Atwood’s harrowing ‘speculative fiction’ novel is one of the most disturbing series to come out this year. It tells the tale of women trapped in a dystopian world where their bodies are no more than farms to grow babies in. They have lost the right to their bodies, their lives and their freedom. But even through all the trauma and the pain, they fight together, against each other and for each other.

3. Big Little Lies

HBO’s thrilling drama with the stellar star cast of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz has exceeded all expectations. The complex, extremely well fleshed female characters, their stories and the way they come together at the end, creating a family of women that shelters a secret in its heart, all make the show a treat to watch.

4. Girls

With its final season Girls, wraps up the complicated lives of Hannah, Shoshanna, Marnie and Jessa. The girls were fan favourites at times and, fan-hated at times. The complicated characters, Hannah being the biggest of them, are one of the most difficult to decode on TV.

5. Two Broke Girls

Max and Carol are worlds apart in their personalities but similar in other ways: their kinds hearts and their need for each other. One street smart, other a fictional manifestation of a more excited Paris Hilton, the two compliment each other in more ways than one. Max teaches Carol to be more responsible and worldly while Carol helps her be more human and accept her emotional side.

6. The Good Wife

The Good Wife follows the life of a disgraced politician’s wife and how she emerges from just being in his shadows to one of the top attorney’s in the city.

7. Jessica Jones

Alcoholic superhero Jessica Jones and her successful, angelic friend Trish Walker’s relationship may not be the central theme of this Netflix Marvel show but is one of it’s best parts. Jessica, with her reluctant, anti-social temperament needs Trish to teach her to be human again. Trish is the closest thing she has to a family, which is why she doesn’t flinch away from killing men in purple suits when they threaten her best friend.