Purpose of observing International Women’s Day is making the country’s women self-reliant: first lady


ISLAMABAD: First Lady Begum Mehmooda Mamnoon Hussain on Thursday said that the objective of observing International Women’s Day was to make the country’s women self-reliant and provide them an effective status in the society.

Addressing an event held by Red Crescent Women Forum to mark International Women’s Day, Begum Mehmooda said that women in the country were enjoying protection of their rights besides their representation in parliament, quota in government jobs and legislation on protection against harassment at workplace.

Begum Mehmooda said that Islam provided unprecedented rights to women in the history of mankind.

She said that Islam did not differentiate between the rights of a man and a woman but suggested a certain balance between them to maintain equilibrium in the family and society.

She said that besides their rights, women also had certain responsibilities on them particularly ensuring best upbringing of their children.

She encouraged women to also contribute in different professional fields to match their women contemporaries in the world.

Begum Mehmooda said that women in the country had played a prominent role at many fronts, from participation in Pakistan Movement to resistance against dictatorship and in the fields of education and sports.

She mentioned Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, Begum Raana Liaquat Ali Khan and Begum Waqarun Nisa Noon and today’s shining examples of Malala Yousafzai, Arfa Karim, Samina Baig, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Hadiqa Bashir, Anousha Rehman and Shazia Parveen who a source of pride for the country.

She lauded the activities of Red Crescent Women Forum, which she said would help the Pakistani women achieve success in different fields of life.

Red Crescent Society Chairman Dr Saeed Ilahi also spoke on the occasion.