PN saves six injured in Turbat rescue operation


KARACHI: Pakistan Navy (PN) rescue teams conducted a rescue operation on Wednesday at a busy marketplace in Turbat and evacuated six persons who got severely injured in a fire incident.

The heavy fire broke out due to explosions of gas cylinders in a shop, engulfing the nearby shops and vehicles. Properties were also damaged and serious burns were inflicted on six persons.

The local government requested PNS SIDDIQ for assistance. In response, Pakistan Navy immediately tasked PN fire tenders and rescue/medical teams for damage control and evacuation of the injured from the scene of the incident.

PN fire-fighting teams, taking prompt actions, extinguished the heavy fire and medical teams extended first aid to the injured.

Six persons, who were severely incinerated, were evacuated by the navy teams to PNS SIDDIQ and then shifted to Karachi via navy’s aircraft due to non-availability of a burn centre at Turbat for specialised medical treatment.

Civil administration and people of Turbat were thankful to Pakistan Navy for prompt response to save the lives and property of local populace.