Nehal Hashmi laminates contempt of court notice


ISLAMABAD – After the Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday issued another contempt of court notice against Nehal Hashmi for his latest ‘inflammatory’ speech targeting the judiciary, the former Senator has decided to laminate the notice and frame it in his drawing room.

Hashmi who was released from Adiala Jail following a one-month prison sentence for contempt of court, had kept a photocopy of the previous contempt notice in his prison cell, where he temporarily taped it to the prison wall so that he could see it every day.

Regarding the latest speech against the judiciary, Hashmi has already said that it was an acting performance. But talking exclusively to The Dependent he further maintained that he was only repeating the exact same words for the relatives that had asked him why he had been sent to jail.

“Of course when your distant cousin, who hasn’t been in town for a while, asks you why you were sent to prison, you tell them what happened,” he said. “Now the issue is that repeating exactly what happened has meant that the crime has been triggered again.”

Hashmi said that he had even asked a video of his performances to be made so that when other relatives ask, they could just be showed the video.

“That the speech is virtually the same can be gauged from the fact that the Supreme Court notice sent to me is virtually the same as well,” Hashmi said.

“That’s why I am getting it laminated to show those I meet in person what crime I had committed.”