Kashmala Tariq’s security team allegedly holds private news channel’s crew hostage


LAHORE: Newly-appointed Federal Ombudsperson on Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Kashmala Tariq’s security staff on Thursday reportedly restrained the crew of a private news channel after the show’s anchorperson Matiullah Jan, otherwise famous for his obnoxious behaviour, asked her some tough questions.

A video footage of the interview shows Kashmala Tariq and the anchorperson embroiled in a heated discussion after what appears to be an unsettling question directed towards the federal ombudsperson.

According to the television channel, Kashmala Tariq gave time to the anchorperson for an interview. After the interview was recorded and the news crew was getting up to leave, Kashmala Tariq asked her staff and told them not to let the team leave with the interview footage. She also directed her staff to take the team’s telephones, camera equipment, and footage of the interview, the channel’s management alleged.


According to reports, Kashmala Tariq was invited to review the interview and to see if she found any content objectionable. However, she ordered her staff not to let the team “leave with the footage”. On the team’s refusal to hand over the interview’s video, she ordered her staff to “attack: the crew and forcibly take the footage, the channel claimed.

A video footage which emerged from the scene shows the channel’s team being forced back into Kashmala Tariq’s office as they try to leave. The video also shows police officials present at the scene who make no effort to break up the altercation taking place in front of them.

Footage of the incident:


Pakistan Today telephoned Kashmala Tariq for her version of the incident, however, a member of her staff stated that the ombudsperson was busy attending a meeting and could not be disturbed for a comment.


  1. A look at her oath taking dress reveals her antecedents and shady background. Don’t we people of Pakistan know this woman and her lifestyle? This is indeed what Shar Brothers look for normally for fresh appointments.

  2. yesterday i watch the interview. The tune on both end was not good. Anchor mostly ask such type questions but the guest should be very careful and calm but Kashmala can’t overcome her tune and was replying in ver y bad manner . If she dnt like the questions then simply she should leave and can say sorry .This was much better option then what she did to stay there .

  3. Gone are the days when Honourable people like Mr. Justice (R) Sardar Muhammad Iqbal as Federal Ombudsman, Mr. S.M. Munir as Sindh Ombudsman etc were appointed. Mid 1990s this trend changed. Justice Usman Ali Shah was appointed as Federal Ombudsman. In a press conference in his own office a reporter questioned as to how he (Usman Ali Shah) purchased a car of high capacity which the government had banned. He became angry saying you people were not seeing how much work I was doing in providing justice to people but are seeing only a small tiny violation of mine. Another reporter then asked him did he had a tape recorder in his newly purchased car because tape recorder in a government car was banned. Usman Ali denied there was no tape recorder in his car. When press conference finished, Usman Ali Shah sat in his car, the reporters surrounded his car and pointed fingers through window glasses towards the installed tape recorder. A report remarked “may be ombudsman sahib did not listen tape recorder hence he said there was no tape recorder”. Usman Ali Shah like Kashmala flew into rage and shouted that he can take contempt note against the reporters. This old man still has that front page clipping of the Nawai-e-Waqt.
    While, no doubt, this God has made this nation very fortunate viz given it different seasons, minerals, strategic important place, fertile land, hardworking manpower etc, there also is no doubt this nation also is “most unfortunate” it has most corrupt rulers since at least two decades at least. Since Zardari and Nawaz Sharif coming into power hardly there is any ombudsman whose name does not become a topic of evening talk shows. How can these “columns talk shows” topic ombudsmen can deliver true justice as was delivered by Justice Sardar Iqal or Mr S.M. Munir

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