Arrested ISIS member confesses to using technology to brain-wash young girls


KARACHI: A young member of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), commonly known as Daesh, has confessed to using mobile applications to lure like-minded youth, especially girls, towards the self-styled caliphate.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested Imran aka Saif-ul-Islam from Karachi a few days ago.

During the investigation, he has revealed that the militant outfit uses applications like Telegram and incognito proxies to woo young girls and brain-wash them after WhatsApp began to be traced.

He confessed to monitoring girls who show docility towards the caliphate’s ideology and then contacting them through surreptitious means to avoid detection.

The alleged terrorist Imran revealed that he learned using computer and internet from the notorious terrorist group. According to police sources, Imran is well-versed in Persian and IT-related issues.

ISIS is a self-proclaimed caliphate that operates in Syria and Iraq, aiming to bring the whole Muslim world under its umbrella. It is known for its grossly violent and regressive means against its objectors.