Punjab striving to become ‘energy efficient’, says PEECA


LAHORE: Punjab Energy efficiency and conservation agency (PEECA) on Wednesday organised a consultative workshop on revision and modification of energy building codes (ECBC) for Punjab.

PEECA Programme Manager Abdul Rehman shared that Punjab was the first province to take an initiative in this regard and ECBC were being prepared.

“We believe that the PEECA would be able to manage and build a bridge between the demand and supply of energy in future. A single house can save up to 30% of electricity by properly using the ECBC,” he said and added that in the next decade or so PEECA was expecting the construction of at least 10 million new houses and the energy supply to such a large number was impossible without using energy conservation codes.

He further said that the energy department was working on a pilot project “the first green building” in Lahore and at the same time the government had started the energy efficiency certification for home appliances.

Others who spoke at the occasion were Irshad Khan from GIZ, Jens Tegethoff, Micheal Kuzinsky, and Pervez Qureshi from Unicon.

The speakers appreciated the efforts made by the PEECA towards the making of “an energy efficient Punjab”. They asked for implementing the ECBC and mentioned that the lack of awareness about the energy efficient buildings, their utility, cost comparisons, higher costs of new technologies and absence of building code implementation were the major barriers.

It was emphasised that a wholehearted collaborative and integrated effort was required to take Punjab out of the energy crises on sustainable basis.