Parliamentarians should look into their own weaknesses: Aitzaz Ahsan


ISLAMABAD: Senator and PPP leader, Aitzaz Ahsan has said that parliamentarians will have to look into their own weaknesses and that they will have to accept the Supreme Court’s (SC) decision.

“The SC’s decision will have to be accepted. Parliamentarians will have to look into their own weaknesses. There is no need to give the army and judiciary any advice”, he said while talking to journalists outside the SC here on Wednesday.

Aitzaz stated that politicians should not call the army ‘Munnay ka Abba’ or mention the judiciary’s name.

“If the decision comes in favour of Nawaz Sharif that it is okay, but if it comes against him then it is a conspiracy,” he remarked.

It is good if Shehbaz’s orange train runs at the cost of demolishing historical buildings and Chauburji Chowk but if this judiciary takes a decision they mourn it,” he added.

“How can a parliamentarian use abusive language against institutions after his release from jail? What is the need of using cheap language? Has this been done to please Maryam Nawaz?” he asked.