Imran should apologise for failing to protect women rights in KP: Ahmed Khan


LAHORE: Punjab Government Spokesman Malik Ahmed Khan on Wednesday said that Imran Khan on the occasion of the International Women’s Day should apologise from the women of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) for failing to legislate the protection of women against domestic violence.

“No practical measures have been taken in four years for the welfare of women in KP,” he added.

While the Punjab government took measures for the welfare of women besides including them in the national mainstream, a record increase in the number of honour killing and domestic violence cases was seen in KP owing to its government’s incompetence to protect women’s rights, he said.

Quoting statistics, the spokesperson said that mother-child health services in KP had been provided in 46 BHUS while the figure in Punjab was 1,397.

“The KP government started a monthly stipend of Rs200 for female students in a bid to encourage female enrollment in primary schools while a Rs1,000 stipend is being provided to over 400,000 students in 16 districts of south Punjab under the Khadim-e-Punjab Zaiware Taleem Program,” he said while adding that the Punjab government distributed 870,000 poultry units and over 36,000 cattle heads among rural women in 36 districts with an aim to provide them with respectable employment.

He further said that a state-of-the-art ‘Violence against Women Centre’ was operational in Multan since March 2017, and maintained that initiatives like the District Acid Burn Survivor Board for the rehabilitation of acid victims, establishment of 102 daycare centres and 16 hostels for working women spoke the volumes of the Punjab government’s sincerity to bring women in to the mainstream of the society.

Ahmed said that the government also introduced a series of Punjab Women Empowerment Packages (2012-2017). Under these packages, he said, various initiatives were taken.

“The Punjab government took revolutionary steps under the visionary leadership of Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif. The steps include a 15 per cent quota for women in jobs, legislation for protecting women against harassment at workplaces, appointment of a women ombudsperson, provision of bikes to women under the ‘Women on Wheels’ initiative, establishment of family courts, training of over 39,000 Nikah khuas and an amendment in the inheritance laws to protect the rights of female heirs,” he concluded.