Woman kills child, commits suicide in Sadiqabad


SADIQABAD: A woman allegedly killed herself along with one of her three children after she had poisoned all of them in Sadiqabad on Tuesday.

Fatima, 27, who was a resident of Sona Roundabout’s Baloch Colony, fed poisoned yoghurt to her children and then took it herself, eventually resulting in her own death and the death of her six-year-old daughter, Aliya.

The condition of her eight-year-old son Muhammad Arshad is critical, who has been shifted to Sheikh Zayed Hospital. Fatima’s eldest daughter remained unharmed as she had not consumed the poisonous concoction.

According to Fatima’s husband, Altaf, the couple and their children were residing with her parents as the deceased allegedly had some disputes with her in-laws.

None of the family’s elders was present when the incident happened, he told the police.

The bodies were shifted to a local hospital where medical authorities will conduct postmortems.