Military strategy has made Afghan war perpetual: Nasser

  • NSA urges world to invest in the peace instead of war
  • Janjua says Pakistan wants to work with US and Afghanistan in a cooperative framework
  • US media delegation call on NSA

National Security Adviser Lt-Gen (retd) Nasser Khan Janjua on Tuesday said that the military strategy always on the lead has injured the Afghan society which has made the war so perpetual with no end in sight.
He was talking to a US media delegation which called on him here. The NSA warmly welcomed the guests and thanked them for coming over all the way to relate themselves to the ground realties. He hoped that this endeavour will serve them better to improve their understanding of the prevailing environment and the important role which Pakistan was already playing.
The NSA, subsequently, gave them a detailed presentation on regional security situation with a particular reference to Pakistan focusing on how Pakistan, its people, armed forces, law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies performed brilliantly and resiliently after 1979 and 9/11. He highlighted the character and role of Pakistan in the recent history and the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in ongoing war against terrorism. He reiterated that Pakistan was a morally correct country and had always stood on the right side of the history and along with the world to contribute for peace, stability and prosperity.
The delegates sought national security adviser’s opinion on different regional and international security issues. The questions were asked about Pak-US relations particularly in the context of Afghanistan and also the response of Pakistan to the recent steps by the US pressurising Pakistan to do more and also about the future prospects of Pak-US ties. Questions were also asked about Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan, China and Russia.
Janjua highlighted, in detail, the different intriguing dimensions of Afghan conflict and said that no love stories were born out of use of force.
‘We all need to invest in the peace instead of war. We want to work with US and Afghanistan in a cooperative framework. Let’s, collectively invest in peace and bring the closure to this perpetual conflict instead of wining it’, he added. In response to a question, he appreciated President Ghani’s offer to Taliban as a positive step forward towards the political reconciliation in Afghanistan. “This is what we were insisting for so long”.
Moreover, he said that Pakistan was committed to have friendly and cooperative relations with all the regional countries. He also sensitized the delegates over the regional security environment and stressed that the US and the West should play a positive role in maintaining the security of the region which over a period has become quite fragile
The members of the delegation thanked NSA and regarded the discussion very useful.