7 things every Pakistani woman should know before starting her professional journey


Dear Women,

We have been told all our lives that it will be a far easier feat if we, as women who choose to work, opt to become a teacher or a doctor as the exposure to the outer world in these professions is allegedly restricted, however, on this women’s day, I would like to let you know seven things that I learned during my professional journey.

Seven things which show that nothing except your work speaks for your calibre and how despite all the challenges you might face from your colleagues or even at times from your families, you must never back down.

1. Your show must go on

Be open and prepared for comments from people that may belittle your achievements and indicate that your current position is due to a special favour towards you and not because of your hard work. Remember, time is the best answer to everyone’s misconceptions.

2. Don’t shy away

In order to grow, understand that a majority of working gender in Pakistan is male. It would be understandable that your contact list would now predominantly consist of men so don’t shy away as this is one of the norms of the professional circuit.

For a corporate woman, the world is more aggressive and harsh but that does not mean that you stop being visible and blunt but make sure you do your own thing even if it entails a small social cost.

3. Question your purpose

Your journey is alone. Question your purpose to work. You may work because you want money or because you aspire to be at a certain position in your organisation. There should b a dedication in whatever you decide is the purpose behind your professional journey.

4. Your life is a result of your own decisions – own them, embrace them

Throughout your career and your personal life, at all fronts, you will be required to make decisions and choices. Remember, the best and solid decisions are the ones that are your very own, they define you.

“I don’t take right decisions, I take decisions and make them right” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

5. Learn the art of letting go

Professional or personal, nothing must be compromised against your own worth. Love yourself enough and respect yourself so that if relations or organisations aren’t respecting your worth, you must let them go for your self-esteem.

6. Everybody else is a human too

Speak up, show up and stand up! No one was born a president or a business tycoon or a hero. They embraced every adversity, challenge and ordeals without giving up.

7. Don’t let your personal life impact your professional growth

After prayers and meditation, consistency towards professional growth has always been the key to maintaining one’s sanity.

Don’t hate or distance yourself from men or women if they approach you beyond your professional capacity. Don’t react if people question you on your personal life, try to bond with them instead. Add and expand your professional pool. You learn the best from reading books, travelling and knowing people.


  1. Great article .. Want to do few addition ..
    – Being women please always keep in mind of your dignity and never let it down. For many young girls you are the motivators.
    – Do not expect the extra favor due to gender
    – Remember purpose of your life as well.

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