Landlord chops off minor boy’s nose for ‘stealing’ sugarcane from fields


KHANEWAL: An influential landlord on Monday allegedly cut off the nose of a seven-year-old kid after accusing the child of stealing sugarcane from the fields.

The family of the minor victim claimed that the landlord chopped off the child’s nose for ‘stealing sugarcane’ from the fields in Kabirwala tehsil of the Khanewal district.

The victim’s father complained that the police was not registering a case against the landlord because he was an influential person.

When contacted, Kabirwala DSP Shahid Niaz informed that the police had not received any official complaint, therefore, it did not register a case.

“Now that we have received a formal complaint, we will follow the due legal process,” he said.

Following the incident, the child was taken to a basic health unit in Abdul Hakeem city, where he was given initial medical treatment.

A medical official at the health unit said the child’s condition was stable and he had been sent home after basic treatment of his wounds. However, the victim’s father claimed that the doctor discharged his child on the orders of the influential landlord in order to avoid a police case.