White Lies


A cottage industry of sorts has evolved around uncovering the dynamics of Imran Khan and his spiritual half.

Many now factor this in when interpreting any behaviour of his.

After his decision of not voting in his capacity as an MNA for the capital’s two senate seats, a smart Alec reporter actually asked him, point blank, whether the decision was upon a spiritual guide’s advice!

One assumes Khan wasn’t amused at this cheek. The rest of us, of course, found it hilarious.

After the prime minister of Hearts appeared in front of an accountability court, he was in a rush to get to Murree. But not before getting something for his staff to munch on – a good boss, we hear.

So a stop over at a popular bakery. More than a logistics run, it was also a bit of a PR exercise. A meet-and-greet with the people. And a bit of some optics: I’m unfazed. Handled the court with aplomb. Now how about some chicken patties?