PML-N’s victory in Senate negates SC decision: Nawaz

GUJARAT: Former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz joins hands during public gathering to show solitary with the leaders of Gujarat. INP PHOTO
  • Ex-premier says he is ready to face accountability if proven ‘guilty’ 
  • Maryam says no one can remove Nawaz Sharif from the hearts of people

GUJRAT: Buoyant after the victory in the Senate polls, former president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Nawaz Sharif, on Sunday said the National and provincial assemblies rejected the Supreme Court decision and brought victory to the PML-N-backed candidates.

Addressing a public rally in Gujrat, the former premier said that the victory in Senate elections proved his stance right. “My and party’s name was removed from the elections but still our candidates clinched the victory,” he boasted.

Alluding to the ousters of premiers in the past, Nawaz said the “plague that infested the country for the last 70 years should be nipped in the bud now”. He also questioned whether this trend will be continued for the next 70 years as well.

Keeping on with his rhetoric of the sanctity of votes, Nawaz said that he will continue his fight for it and expressed confidence in his supporters, saying that the people of Kotla will stand behind him in this fight. “I know you people have decided to fight a decisive fight,” he added.

He also expressed the optimism that next government would be of the PML-N, adding whenever he made a promise, he fulfilled it wholeheartedly.

The former premier went on to add that he was ready to face accountability if any allegations were proved against him. He claimed that no corruption charges were proved against him and was disqualified for not taking the monthly payment from his own son. “Now they are saying that there supplementary references which showed that they found nothing in previous references against me,” he said.


Addressing the rally before her father, Maryam Nawaz said: “After the Senate elections, all conspirators now see their failure in the upcoming general polls.” No one can remove Nawaz Sharif from the hearts of people, she went on to say.

Maryam Nawaz addresses PML-N loyalists

Hinting at ‘conspiracies’, Maryam said that individual with offshore companies was pardoned while the person who has no offshore company was disqualified.

“The people of Pakistan are standing with Nawaz Sharif and they have proved this time and again,” she said while alluding to earlier victories of the PML-N candidates in Lodhran and Lahore by-polls.


A 10-foot long and 120-foot wide stage was prepared for the leadership of PML-N whereas 30,000 chairs were placed for the participants. Besides Nawaz and Maryam, PML-N’s Pervaiz Rashid, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Asif Kirmani and others will also address the gathering.



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