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Govt’s undue favors to PAS irritate competent officers of other groups

ISLAMABAD: The government’s undue favours to one group of civil servants disgruntled the competent officers of other groups.

A number of officers of Office Management group (OMG), Information Group and Commerce and Trade (C&N) said that other than Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) and Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) officers, those from other groups were being treated like third grade officers despite the fact that they were more competent than PAS and PSP officers.

The grade seventeen officers of OMG, Information and Commerce and Trade (C&N) were getting nothing compared to those of PAS and PSP.

One Information Group officer said, “I am just getting Rs 37,000 salary and Rs 19,500 house allowance.”

The cost of living in the Islamabad is very high, whereas, their salary structure was not commensurate with their responsibilities as well as job compulsions.

On the other hand, the PAS and PSP group officers were not only getting good allowance but they were getting good postings in their first assignment as well.

Another officer of OMG said that the federal employees were being deprived from the executive allowance. All provincial governments announced executive allowances for their employees but the federal government was giving nothing to its employees, he added.

He further said that the comparison between the salaries of the employees of the judiciary, police, and regulatory authorities, FBR, the National Assembly, Senate and others were highly disconcerting and demotivating.

Currently, government had adopted two types of system from 17 to 19 grade and 20 to 22 grade officers.

The government was giving Rs 95,910 to a grade 22 officer as car allowance, Rs 77,430 to grade 21 officer and Rs 65,960 to grade 20 officers whereas BS 17 to 19 were getting noting.

Offices said that most of the civil servants preferred going to other department on deputation when they felt that their finances were not in order.

A number of officers joined the private sector because they were not getting good package in the government service, the officers said.

It is pertinent to mention that OMG officers went on strike last month and they demanded the government to give them executive allowance.

Sources in Establishment Division said that Establishment Division secretary agreed to solve the problems related to monetisation, allowances of OMG and officers of other groups.

It is also worth mentioning that the incumbent government had started the civil service reforms program in 2013 but unfortunately, it had not been implemented owing to strong resistance of PAS authorities.

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