Bollywood needs to take stands: Neha Dhupia


MUMBAI: Neha Dhupia feels people associated with the Indian film industry should speak up more often on issues of concern and take stands.

“We need to take sides, we need to take stands, we need to talk about how far we can push the cinema, what happens behind closed doors, how professional it is,” Neha said, while speaking after a television appearance.

“We need to come out and talk about things; whether there is an ecosystem in the industry or not,” she added.

Neha also said people in Bollywood are very protective of each other, which according to her is not a great thing all the time.

On the other hand, the actor is currently judging the MTV show, Roadies Xtreme. During the audition round in Chandigarh, Neha felt unsafe because of a contestant Harpaveet who suggested that he will flirt with Neha, and bragged about his sexual strength.

Dismissing him, she said, “You know what your problem is, your perception about women. You have no respect for any woman. You think your masculinity is going to come through when you brag about your sexual strength. When you speak about other gang leaders, you referred to their personality traits like confidence, dressing sense and fitness but not for me. So, according to you, I have no personality traits just because I am a woman and that gives to the right to flirt with me. I know exactly what men like you think.”

“We have many female contestants who come on Roadies journey. Neither do you have any respect for girls nor do you have anything good to say about them so it’s our responsibility to make sure that people like you don’t come on the journey. You know why? I wouldn’t have said this but I am not feeling safe! This is my area, my territory so if I am not feeling safe you don’t get to go ahead on this show,” she exclaimed.


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