PTI hails Ghani’s peace proposal to Taliban


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has welcomed fresh peace proposal to Taliban, extended recently by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, saying peace needs to be sought with the militia in order to give them (Taliban) a chance to become a political group.

PTI’s Central Media Department said that party Chairman Imran Khan during a telephonic conversation with Afghan Ambassador Umar Zakhilwal hailed new Afghan initiative to re-start negotiations with the Taliban groups.

Imran emphasised that negotiations among different factions were the only way forward to achieve peace. “We must know that peaceful Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan and all efforts should be made to achieve the goal,” he said.

The Afghan ambassador thanked the PTI chairman for his support and thanked for the sentiments expressed by Imran Khan. On Wednesday, the peace plan was put forward at the second Kabul Process, a conference attended by 25 countries and international organisations. It contains a list of offers and agreements that meet the Taliban’s key demands over the years.

President Ghani appealed for a ceasefire after presenting the detailed proposal, which traces the war through nearly two decades that have seen thousands of civilian casualties. He proposed talks to try to end the long-standing conflict. “I call on Taliban and their leadership – the decision is in your hands. Accept a dignified [end to fighting] and come together to safeguard this country,” he had said.

The written peace offer, titled ‘Offering Peace: Framing the Kabul Conference’, lays out a seven-point proposal to pave the way for fruitful negotiations. It has been made without preconditions to insurgents who are willing to renounce violence and includes political recognition, the release of prisoners, as well as passports to members of the Taliban and visas for their families.


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