Actual Bani Gala NOC was stolen by ‘Faisal Subhan’: Imran Khan


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

The actual No Objection Certificate of the Bani Gala estate was stolen by Faisal Subhan, revealed Imran Khan on Friday.

Speaking to reporters at his Bani Gala residence, the PTI chairman said that the fake documents supposedly unearthed by the government were not submitted in the first place but Faisal Subhan stole the original documents and placed these in their stead.

“This is before Faisal Subhan turned out the Sharifs and sang in front of the Chinese authorities regarding the corruption of the Sharifs in the Multan Metrobus project,” said Khan.

“This is back when he was still on their payroll.”

Faisal Subhan is a mysterious character of whom there seems to be no trace but one that the PTI chairman insists not only exists but is also behind the missing NOC, the corruption in the Multan Metrobus scheme.

Responding to allegations about the very existence of Faisal Subhan, Khan said: “It is upto the Muslim League government to catch him, not me.”

“It should be easy to catch him. He was right here in this room around half an hour ago,” he said.

“When there was some flatulence and those next to me suspected that it was I that had passed bad air. It was Faisal Subhan, not me!”