PPP leaders hold ‘khuli katchehri’ in Badin


BADIN: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and former provincial minister Muhammad Rahoo held an open katchery on Thursday along with Badin Deputy Commissioner Dr Shehzad Tahir Thaheem, Assistant Commissioner Babar Khan Nizamani, Mukhtiarkar (revenue-collector) Umer Memon, PPP leader Aslam Rahoo and PPP Taluka Badin President Haji Taj Mallah at Mukhtiarkar’s office.

A huge number of citizens, villagers from far and wide areas and workers of PPP joined the katchery. They complained about the bribe, embezzlement, high headedness and injustices of police, revenue, local bodies, health, municipal committee of Badin and other departments.

They complained that water shortage for several months is worsening the situation and they are deprived of potable water. The participants complained that due to the water shortage, their crops are getting damaged, their soil is becoming barren and they are facing a huge economic loss.

They complained that impure and improper material is being used to gain sufficient profit and share. Citizens of Badin complained about inadequate and non-functional street light system, less interest in connection of cleanliness and drainage system, illegal occupation and grabbing, precious and costly government plots and unannounced power outages causing civic life disrupted.

Villagers and PPP workers submitted their complaint applications too. On this occasion, the former provincial minister directed concerned officials to resolve the issues faced by the people of Badin. He said negligence, carelessness, and bribe would not be tolerated.

The catcher was attended by PPP leaders including Hanif Khaskheli, Abdul Sattar Memon, Ali Ahmed Jokhio and others.