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Sindh Assembly speaker slams lawmakers over low attendance

KARACHI: Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani slammed lawmakers over low attendance during the session on Wednesday.

Voicing concerns over the lack of attendance, he complained that the Sindh Assembly lawmakers spend less time in the sessions, adding that majority of their time is spent having tea and socialising with each other even when they come to the assembly.

Durrani said, “This is no way. The assembly is called for a week or ten days in a month.”

He told the provincial legislators to give up their seat if they have other businesses to attend. “They should give their seat to a relative or (party) worker who can come here and represent the constituency,” he added

The Sindh Assembly speaker revealed that he hasn’t even seen faces of some lawmakers for the last five years as they only come to sign the attendance register.

He advised the MPAs to keep track of those not attending sessions regularly.

A picture confirmed that majority of the parliamentarians were absent from the Wednesday’s session of Sindh Assembly

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