PML-N being victimised on the basis of revenge: Saad Rafique


LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) outspoken leader Khawaja Saad Rafique once again targeted the media and state institutions and said that his party leaders were being victimised on the basis of revenge. However, the party leaders would not bow down to blackmailing and threats, he added.

“Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), the media and negative elements are attempting to prove PML-N leaders as thieves, traitors and corrupt personalities, however, I would always abide by the constitution and never leave Nawaz Sharif alone in difficult times,” Rafique said in a tweet shared on Wednesday.

He also said, “Our enemies are attacking Pakistan and instead of protecting our country, we are attacking each other.” He further said, “I have never been involved in any wrongdoing and I have also declared all my assets.”

He lashed out at PTI Chairman Imran Khan and said that he should be afraid of God while making false allegations against others, adding that the PTI chief would soon find himself entrapped in the web of lies that he himself created. “Imran is a morally weak and shameless person. He is the biggest enemy of democracy in Pakistan and is a puppet of anti-democratic forces,” he alleged.

The PML-N leader further said that his party had been an important part of the long struggle to ensure the growth of democracy in Pakistan, adding that our struggles would never go to waste because we are working to ensure the supremacy of the people and democracy in the country.