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Pak prodigy wins gold medal for global mathematics competition

KARACHI: Syed Jafar Raza, a mathematical whiz from Pakistan, won laurels at the seventh International Math Challenge held in Thailand, and scored himself a coveted gold medal.

The international competition held at the Pan Asia International School, Bangkok entailed a total of 180 teams belonging to 17 countries around the world, including Romania, Cambodia, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka amongst various others.

Syed Jaffar Raza came first in a total of 600 participants. There were other contenders from Pak-Turk International School and the boys collectively won a gold medal, three silver and three bronze medals, under the leadership of their Vice Principal Khalid Zeeshan.

The International Math Challenge VII was held from February 22 – 24. It aims to encourage students to study and excel in math and critical thinking.

Previously, the competition had seen a Pakistani gold-medal winner in 2015 as well, and this time around it might just be the extension of an earlier victory streak.

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