Conference on contribution of women in Islamic studies commences at IIUI



ISLAMABAD: A two-day international conference on “contribution of women to various discourses of Islamic studies in contemporary times” commenced here at Faisal Mosque campus of International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) on Tuesday.

The conference would discuss concurrent trends in Seerah writing, Islamic intellectual thought and social welfare services, scholarships of Islamic studies in different regions, as well as the study of Quran and Hadith. It will also discuss dissemination of religious education and the employing of literary approaches to the study of Islam through national and international scholars from Pakistan, USA, Germany and Algeria.

The conference has been jointly organised by the faculty of Islamic studies of the university, Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue and higher education commission (HEC).

Famous Islamic scholar Dr Farhat Hashmi in her address stressed upon a match in actions and knowledge. She opined that a disparity in the gained knowledge and practical life was a source of most of the issues.

She also hailed women Muslim scholars for contributing to the field of Islamic studies and hoped for valuable recommendations.

Loyola University, Chicago, Islamic World Studies Programme Director Dr Marcia Hermensen stressed upon women Islamic scholars to take the role as public intellectuals and utilize media and social media with a special focus on the involvement of religion in public affairs to solve the contemporary issues.

She also discussed injustice in various western societies regarding Muslim women.

Dr Marcia urged for searching connection between present and past of Islam for dealing with the contemporary challenges.

IIUI Acting President Dr Muhammad Bashir shed light on Islam and its role in lives of females. He opined that Islam gave prerogatives of respect, education and inheritance, while it made women the builders of the family.

He further said that teaching and preaching of Islam through Muslim women was an important aspect which Muslim societies must focus on. He added that it would be a significant conference to explore possible ways of women contribution in Muslim societies.

Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies at IIUI Dr Haroonur Rasheed in his welcome address said that the conference was aimed at producing best recommendations and explore the role of women in the subject, and devise a roadmap of opportunities for female accomplishments in this regard.