Sindh governor to inaugurate modern school building in Thar


KARACHI: Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair will inaugurate a state-of-the-art and purpose-built school building in Mithi, the divisional capital remotely located in Thar, on March 4.

GCT Executive Officer Zahid Saeed talking to APP on Monday said that the launching of the school building in Mithi would be a major milestone in the mission of trust to provide quality school education to children across the province.

The building will house three different schools, pre-primary, primary and secondary (up to 10th standard) with a capacity to cater modern day educational needs of over 1,500 kids on a purely charitable basis. “The new facility, besides targeting children of Mithi, will also accommodate students of a number of villages of all tehsils of Tharparkar,” said Zahid Saeed.

The ground plus two-storied state-of-art structure, comprising 27 purpose-built classrooms, was said to have further provision for science and computer labs.

Reiterating that the trust was committed to serving the children belonging to the most disadvantaged area of the province, Zahid Saeed also expressed his gratitude to the donors for their steady support.

GCT, he said was actively engaged to increase students’ enrollment from present 350 to 1,500 students, through an active community oriented engagement drive.

Various means of mass contact and publicity are being used to motivate parents to send their children to the school and it was only recently that an “Open House” session was held at Mithi, attended by more than 2,000 people. The purpose-built facility itself was said to have been completed against an approximate cost of Rs45 million with the support of two of the major donors of GCT.

Zahid further said, “It was only recently that GCT’s schools in Thar performed very well in the first ever Thar Science Festival held in collaboration with Sindh government.”