Nokia relaunches ‘Matrix phone’ 8810 at World Mobile Congress


Nokia has relaunched its another old mobile during World Mobile Congress held at Barcelona, reported BBC Urdu. 

The ‘Matrix phone’ 8810  is with the branding of Nokia but developed by MDH Global Company. New Nokia 8810 is a feature phone on which only a few apps can work.

The applications can be operated on this phone include Facebook, and Google Maps but famous apps like WhatsApp, Twitter and Snapchat will not work on it.

It seems after the success new version of 3310, Nokia has decided to relaunch it’s another famous old mobile. This cell phone has a curve in its body with a slider and can support 4G internet.

The company has set its price around $97, media reported.

Furthermore, three more cell phones were introduced by same company during the mobile congress. These new cell phones included steel-body phone ‘Soroko’ with the price of $921.