Imran Khan hosts ‘Walima’ at Bani Gala residence for select PTI leaders


ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan held his Walima ceremony for a select gathering of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders at his Bani Gala residence on Sunday evening. However, the PTI chief’s family members were not present on the occassion.

According to details, among those who attended the occasion include Jahangir Tareen, Imran Ismail, Pervez Khattak, Fawad Chaudhry, Awn Chaudhry, Asad Umer, Shireen Mazari and other party leaders.

There were almost 25 to 30 people who attended the reception and the party members were introduced to Imran’s third wife, Bushra Bibi. They guests were served with multiple dishes, including mutton biryani and mutton qorma for dinner.

Exclusive wedding photos

Earlier reports had suggested that Imran’s wedding reception will remain a private affair with family members and close friends only.

Imran had tied the knot on February 18 with his third wife Bushra Bibi. He had reportedly decided not to travel abroad, and thanked everyone for their prayers and wishes in a tweet.

Zulfi Bukhari and Awn Chaudhry stood witness to Imran’s nikah which was solemnised by Mufti Saeed in Lahore. Imran’s sisters had not attended the marriage ceremony, according to family sources.

The so-called ‘hat-trick’ had stirred controversy after Reham Khan, his former wife, called the wedding photos ‘cringeworthy’ and political suicide. “To have a woman veiled head to toe, he has alienated a lot of people. It has not gone down well, four months before the Pakistan election this is political suicide,” she told Mail Online in an interview.

She had also accused Imran of being “unfaithful”, alleging that he “had an extramarital affair with Bushra Bibi for years”.

“He doesn’t do anything without her instructions,” said the former BBC presenter. “She is his spiritual guide. She tells him what to do and when to do it.”

Bushra is believed to be in her 40s and belongs to the Wattoo clan in Sahiwal. She was earlier married to Khawar Farid Maneka, a senior official in Islamabad customs. Bushra and Khawar have three daughters and two sons together.

The PTI chief has admitted to remain in touch with Bushra Bibi for spiritual guidance during the past few years.

He was previously married to the journalist-turned-social worker Reham and their wedding, that was held in 2015, lasted for only nine months. Reham disclosed, in an interview with The Times, that she has now fled the country owing to alleged life threats for disclosing details of her time spent with Imran.

Imran was first wed to Jemima Goldsmith, daughter of the billionaire Sir James Goldsmith,  from 1995 to 2004. They have two sons together, namely Sulaiman Isa Khan and Kasim Khan, who live with their mother.