Reham says she left Pakistan for fear of being ‘blown up’


LONDON: In her latest interview to a British publication, former wife of Imran Khan has claimed that Imran is quite exhausted and that she doesn’t see her former husband becoming the leader he has always dreamed of becoming.

Reham Khan, in her latest interview published by the British daily TheTimes, claims she fled Pakistan after receiving threats of being “blown up”.

Individuals seeking to protect Imran Khan’s political career “told us . . . that anyone who talks about Imran now is going to be blown up,” she said in her interview.

Reham reiterated her claim that the relationship between Imran Khan and his now third-wife Bushra Watoo began while he was still married to her.

“He was very keen to get it done on this date, he’s very . . . number conscious,” Ms Khan told TheTimes.

Recalling the time when he proposed to her, “he sent me a message saying I want to know your parents’ names for my spiritual adviser”.

Interestingly, she added, “when we had a spat, he said the spiritual adviser had mixed up the names”.

TheTimes also noted how Imran Khan’s latest marriage is seen as a shift from the progressive broadminded playboy image to a very conservative one.

Reham Khan claimed that while she was married to the PTI chairman he was “very clear” that for him becoming prime minister was an end in itself.

“He’s a sportsman, he has to bring in the trophy,” she said.

Reham Khan also told TheTimes that she feels Imran Khan no longer has a chance of becoming the leader.

“He’s no spring chicken. It can be tiring. From the inside, I can tell you he’s quite exhausted,” she said, adding, “He’s lost that trust. There’s been no performance. You can’t continue to play in a cricket team unless you bring in the wickets.”



  1. A loose character woman who went to UK to get foreign media attention. She exposed negative traits when she married her two husbands one after the other. She should not be give prominent space.

  2. Hell hath no fury – like a dumb woman scorned lol.

    Age isnt a factor in khans run for premeiership – dear reham take a look at todays aging leaders, donald trump teresa may – nawaz sharif?!? Lol clearly this multiple dicorcee girl is as ignorant as she is arrogant. Khans done well in getting rid! All she wanted was his fame and fortune

  3. Some people are born great. Others try to become great by hanging on to the coat tails of others. This lady belongs to the latter category. She thrives on being the ex wife of IMRAN.

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