Naumaan Ejaz feels young and senior actors should not be in the same category


LAHORE: The recent Lux Style Awards stirred up more controversies than one. Apart from Javed Sheikh and Mahira Khan’s awkward moment, actor Nauman Ejaz also caused a frenzy with his tweets.

His first tweet read, “LSA agar awards daney nahin attey tu awards kertay keyoun ho. (If you can’t give the awards, then why do you do the event?)”

While, his second tweet was, “More bloggers at #LSA2018 than stars… perhaps we can now call it the Lux Social Media Awards?”

The tweets stirred up a lot of debate with people commenting that the actor was probably miffed that he lost the award to Ahad Raza Mir, who won for his performance in Yakeen ka Safar. 

However, speaking to a magazine, the actor remarked that it is unfair for newcomers and senior actors to be in the same category.

“It is not about the award or the trophy, it’s about respect. Why do you think so many senior artists avoid these award shows? It’s because they aren’t given the respect they deserve. Also, it’s not about a senior actor losing to a newcomer. I’m very happy for Ahad, he’s like a son to me and I wish him all the success to reach greater heights in his career. All I talk about is logic and common sense!”

“It’s wonderful to appreciate new talent but why not create more categories? Line up the new boys and make them compete for best-emerging talent or for the best acting debut,” he said. “It will definitely be more fair and inclusive that way. But placing a newcomer in the same category as a senior who has been around for so long is just ridiculous.”

To support his stance, Ejaz said that Sania Saeed who “played her character to perfection” received no appreciation.

The actor also disagreed with the criteria of his nomination for his role in Pinjari.

“Why would they nominate me for Pinjari in which I hardly had any scenes and not for Sang e Mar Mar which basically revolved around my character?” he questioned.

Noman suggested adding more categories such as a jury award or a popular choice award and to give more respect.

“Also, if you’re honouring a senior actor then make sure you’re doing it right. I wouldn’t want a newcomer half my age presenting me an award. I would want it from someone I look up to and see as an icon.”

However, at the end of the day, the actor feels that other things are bigger than these award functions.

“My work speaks for me, my fans are my award and reward. We are organic actors, not dependent on paid publicity. Our work used to be shown in India and their actors were taught and trained through our dramas/plays. I’m not known for the number of followers on my social media pages,” he concluded.

And to add a cherry on top, Ejaz tweeted a picture of himself and Sajal on the plane with the caption, “The trip back from #LSA2018 was more fun than the show itself. Good times on the plane with Emu, Fuzon and Sajal Aly. Two genuinely talented individuals who are above the awards and social media circus.”