Javed Sheikh responds to LSA kissing controversy


LAHORE: This week saw Pakistan’s biggest award function of the year, the Lux Style Awards (LSA). The awards were a starry night, which had some of the industry’s biggest names in attendance and you can read about who attended and all other details here.

However, it is not possible to have such an event without any controversies and one such situation emerged when a video went viral on social media which showed Mahira Khan supposedly avoiding a kiss from veteran actor Javed Sheikh.

Mahira, who was being presented the award for the Best Actress for Verna by Sheikh along with Mawra, immediately rushed to Sheikh’s defence with a tweet that read, “I have just woken up to such silly stuff floating around. It’s good to be aware and have an opinion but for God’s sake don’t use anything and everything to make news. Javed Sheikh of all people! He is a legend and a mentor to all of us in this industry. Would vouch for him always.”

Sheikh himself has also now responded to the situation. Speaking to a magazine at the Pakistan Super League in Dubai, the actor commented that we should use new technology to our benefit not to spread sensation amongst the people. He remarked that the media picks up stories from social media and “turns it into breaking news.”

He further said that nothing happened and people are making a fuss about nothing and made a lot of criticism for no reason. He said that he has immense respect for Mahira and she’s a “wonderful colleague.”

“Social media made such an issue of the moment. So yes, technology is good but it has to be used constructively,” he concluded.