The person who drafted article 62, 63 incompetent, mad: former law minister


ISLAMABAD: Former law minister Khalid Anwar has opined that the person who had drafted the Articles 62 and 63 were extremely incompetent, a mad person and it seems as if these laws were drafted by a student.

“The person who had drafted Article 62, 63 was an incompetent and mad person. It seems as if some student has drafted the law. The person who had drafted the original law on this count should be awarded a gold medal in incompetence”, he said while talking to the media here on Friday.

He held that the parliament enacted Articles 62 and 63 but Mian Nawaz Sharif maintained it on his own will and is himself responsible for it because the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had extended an offer to undo it which Mian Nawaz Sharif did not agree to.

He stated that Nawaz’s party decisions were his personal decisions and they had nothing to do with the people. “He took decisions keeping in view his personal likes and dislikes,” he added.

“The Supreme Court’s (SC) decision in the Panama case was a well thought out decision and the importance of Iqama was considered more because concealing it was also an offence,” he said and added: “But, the Iqama’s decision could not win appreciation among the people.”

Responding to a question, Khalid said that the full right to interpret Article 62 and 63 now rests with the SC and it can disqualify for life or a specific period if it deems it correct.

He remarked that corruption can be of Rs 10,000 or Rs 10 billion, the offence is alike. If the assets are enormous and they are not declared then one can be disqualified.

Taking bribery or paying no tax fall in the ambit of corruption. Disqualifying someone on the basis of Iqama is a legal logic.