Public service core agenda of our politics: Shehbaz

  • TI report reaffirms transparency of PML-N govt, Shehbaz says

  • Felicitates PCB, PSL administration on third edition of PSL


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday said that public service was the core agenda of the PML-N-led Punjab government and the mission of development would be continued.

He said that he had dedicated his life to public welfare and prosperity, and added that historic works were carried out in every sector including health, education and agriculture due to which the development in Punjab was now an example for other provinces.

The chief minister said that transparency, quality and speed were the Punjab government’s hallmarks and the journey of development would be further accelerated. “The mega-projects and innovative schemes of the PML-N government in different sectors are an example of their own, and for the first time since the country’s inception, billions have been saved in mega projects,” he said while adding that the saved money was being spent on public welfare projects.

“We have implemented a vision of composite development and thousands of kilometer of roads have been constructed and repaired in all villages of the province under the ‘Pakian Sarkan Sukhay Painday Project’,” he concluded.


Earlier, CM Shehbaz said that improvement in ranking in the recent report of Transparency International (TI) reaffirmed the PML-N-led government’s policies of transparency.

“This report is an honor not only for the PML-N government but for the 200 million people of Pakistan,” said Shehbaz while adding that the acknowledgment of governmental transparency in Pakistan by an international body was a welcome step.

The chief minister also said that the TI report proved that the government had promoted transparency at every level in the country.

“This report has acknowledged the steps taken by the government of Pakistan for the eradication of corruption,” he said and added that the PML-N-led government adopted a zero-tolerance policy against corruption.

“Effective measures have been taken for the elimination of corruption and promotion of transparency and Pakistan’s international image has been improved due to it,” said Shehbaz.

“The policy of providing better services to the people has also improved the country’s global image,” concluded the chief minister.


Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday congratulated the nation, players, PCB and the administration of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) for the third edition of the PSL.

He expressed good wishes for the cricket teams and the enthusiasts, and said that PSL 3 would be helpful in restoring international cricket in Pakistan.

“Due to this tournament, the cricket-lovers will enjoy an international-level sports activity,” said the chief minister and added that holding such international events promoted a soft image of Pakistan is in the world.

“PSL has paved the way for the revival of international cricket in the country and it is hoped that such matches will help to restore the hustle and bustle of cricket stadiums,” he said.